Why should I become a PFH member?

Lots of reasons! While you can do the math and see that, yes, you are saving a bit by becoming a member, the primary incentive is that you’re making our little operation much more sustainable. By becoming a member, you’re proclaiming that film - and conversations about them - are vital. That they make our town better.

You can also take that mantra on the road; by becoming a member of PFH you automatically become a member of dozens of other amazing independent cinemas around the country, thanks to the Art House Visiting Member Program.        

I just joined! When can I start using my new membership?

Your new membership card should arrive in the mail within a week after your purchase, but you can still use your membership right away! If you come to buy a film ticket at the box office, just let us know you’re a member; we can look you up by name. Once you have your card, make sure to bring it to each screening. Thank you for joining us!

Are memberships tax-deductible?

The basic membership levels are fully tax deductible. For the BENEFACTOR membership levels, roughly 80-90% is tax-deductible. Please consult with your tax professional about what you may deduct.  

Does a membership give me free admission to every show?

It depends on your level of membership. The “BENEFACTOR” membership levels give you free admission to every screenings, while the standard “MEMBER” levels grant you $2 discounts on screenings.

If I’m a member, do I have to reserve my tickets?

We recommend it. A lot of our shows sell out, and unfortunately we can’t guarantee we’ll have tickets left on the day of the show. Thankfully it’s quite easy. You simply select the appropriate membership level (BENEFACTOR members will actually reserve a ticket for $0.00). Just make sure to please bring your membership card to the box office on the day of the show!