AUGUST 7, 2019

PISGAH FILM HOUSE is a nonprofit community cinema located in downtown Brevard, offering first-run films each weekend, as well as free community screenings and other film-related events.  It is run by the nonprofit organization PISGAH FILM PROJECT, whose mission is to generate more conversations about film in our community.   

We are seeking an ASSISTANT THEATER MANAGER, who is responsible for running all operations during daily film screenings.  This includes managing patron check-in and operating the digital film playback system.  He or she is frequently the sole employee representing Pisgah Film House. Hours are primarily weekend afternoons and evenings; however, due to the nature of the position, the Assistant Theater Manager’s schedule will adjust from week to week to accommodate scheduled community events in the evenings and on weekends.  In addition to being the first hire for this exciting new endeavor, general perks include free admission to movies, high-caliber conversations and unlimited popcorn! Required skills and values include, but are not limited to:

  • Previous experience with customer care

  • Reliability, with a record to prove so

  • Adept at handling technology and solving technological problems on the fly

  • Ability to transport herself or himself as needed

  • A cheery disposition!  The ability to smile during high-stress situations

  • Passionate about independent  film and its potential for community-building

  • Patron Experience. Good at remembering names and faces of recurring patrons and members

  • Energized by the potential of this role to grow into a more full-time position as the organization itself expands

  • Preferred but not required: Familiarity with the current independent film industry - emerging directors, festivals, etc. and working knowledge of film history  

To apply, please submit a recent résumé and three references to pisgahfilm@gmail.com and write “Assistant Theater Manager” in the subject line.