What's this thing all about anyway?

Right.  Simply put, we are a small nonprofit community cinema dedicated to generating conversations about film in Brevard and beyond.  Click HERE to read more about our mission, as well as wild ravings about how important and unique we believe the medium of film to be.        

Who’s behind this?

This isn’t meant to sound trite, but a very dedicated community of Brevard cinephiles are actually who’s behind Pisgah Film House. The only reason we’re able to sustain such an operation in a town of Brevard’s size is that the infectious enthusiasm of our members and volunteers has spread wildly and rapidly. If you’re interested in becoming a member or benefactor of Pisgah Film House you can find more information about it HERE.

Aside from a handful of passionate volunteers, Pisgah Film House is run by me, Philip Henry, and I serve as the executive director. During the day, I’m a freelance video editor and sometime cinematographer. As a filmmaker myself, I'm incredibly excited to meet you at a future screening!  Cheers!

I saw that a movie is “Coming Soon.” When are you showing it?

We try to keep everyone informed about what we’re hoping to bring to PFH (hence “Coming Soon”), while also remaining open to popular demand. Occasionally, if the community responds enthusiastically to a film, we may choose to “hold it over” for an additional weekend, thereby bumping the following film to the subsequent weekend. Additionally, the films we categorize as “Coming Soon” are often ones that we are currently negotiating for with their distributor. Sometimes a film will fall through during that negotiation process. All this to say: we’ll let you know specific times for each film as soon as we possibly can!

Where do I park?

Parking in downtown Brevard can be challenging, but if you’re coming to see a movie with us, you’re in luck! There’s a 30-spot city parking lot just 30 feet from PFH, at the corner of W. Main St. and England St. You can also find plenty of street parking along Main Street. And finally, there’s another city parking lot one block away on W. Jordan Street, near its intersection with England St.

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are available to buy online, usually about a week prior to a show. Just visit the CALENDAR page and locate the film you’d like to buy tickets for. PFH MEMBERS have access to online purchasing a day before they “go public.” If tickets are still available on the day of a screening, you can buy tickets at our box office. Tickets are $10.  

Is your venue wheelchair-accessible?

Pisgah Film House is at street-level, so we welcome patrons with wheelchairs. We only ask that you please let us know ahead of time so we can make the necessary seating arrangements. And as with everyone, we recommend arriving 30 minutes before showtime.

I need to exchange tickets I bought online for another date or time.

We use a ticketing vendor called Brown Paper Tickets, and we actually don’t have access to the ticketing, so you’ll need to contact Brown Paper Tickets. Either call 1-800-838-3006 or email them at support@brownpapertickets.com. Thankfully their customer service is awesome, and you’ll be talking with a human within a minute.

How do I know what’s playing?  

Starting in September, our first-run films will be every Thursday through Sunday. You can see what will soon be playing on our COMING SOON page, but we often won’t know specific dates for a given film until the Monday before. Films in other other non-first run series (Reel Transylvania, Family Weekend Films) are generally once a month, and we will have those dates set in stone more in advance.