Photo by  TC Webb

Independent Film in the Land of Waterfalls

Pisgah Film House is Brevard’s premiere nonprofit community cinema. At our intimate theater in downtown Brevard, you’ll find a curated assortment of first-run independent, documentary and foreign-language films, each Thursday through Sunday. But you’ll also find various series like Reel Transylvania, which pairs presentations by regional nonprofits with films about issues important to Transylvania County residents (e.g. the environment, agriculture, the arts, music). You can also enjoy our Weekend Family Series, with free screenings of unexpected yet accessible independent and documentary films for families, as well as occasional repertory screenings - from early 20th-century silver screen gems to retro classics from the 80s.

Pisgah Film House is run by the nonprofit organization Pisgah Film Project, whose mission is to generate conversations in western North Carolina about film as an artform, as a means for storytelling, and as an engine for understanding.

Mission and Philosophy

If you're reading this, you probably already agree with us on this: film is art. When it's done well, it can be both a work of art and a force for good. It entertains while it challenges. Through film, we can learn empathy and respect, and through it we can experience the full range of human emotions.

Like other media of the performing arts, it is a distinctly collaborative artform; no ONE person can successfully bring a film to life (of course, a few historical exceptions here).  Films are created by a community, and we believe they are likewise best experienced in a community setting.    

Please come be a part of our warm and unique family of community-minded cinephiles!  


Photo by TC Webb